Margaret Davis
and Annette Pitjara Davis 

We take pleasure in exhibiting this superb collection of exquisite commissioned works of Alice Springs artists Margaret Davis and her daughter Annette Davis Pitjara.

My passion for Aboriginal art dates back to the mid eighties and during that time I have had the privilege of viewing the works and creations of several hundred talented Aboriginal artists.

Realising this to be a subjective and bold statement, it is my opinion Margaret and Annette Davis are true inspired masters of the art - bordering and perhaps even engulfing genius.

A viewer readily notices the enticing visually spectacular three-dimensional aspect of their works. From this haunting three-dimensional vigor arises the notable spirituality – ever flowing – always vibrant - in an almost sensual yet extravagant meditative energy apparition.

The diversity and expressiveness of their works is most apparent, each representing (and succeeding) in each paintings own unique way the wonderment and dreamtime of the artist’s beloved traditional land and culture as well as portraying aspects of the traditional Aboriginal Iconography. 

Yet besides this exciting vitality one can also be continually engrossed in the intricate and incredibly time consuming background dotting and symbolic designs of each created piece. The exquisite detailing alone is rarely seen on other artist’s works of central Australia.

Margaret and Annette’s works are now being recognised and sought after in various parts of the world in including Great Britain, Russia and Germany. In my experience collectors are rarely satisfied in owning just one of these inspired paintings. Having experienced the enjoyment flowing from one piece they usually seek to acquire another.

Because we feel these works are so unique we have purposely broke with tradition for Aboriginal dot paintings and have had them professionally framed, double mounted and sealed behind glass. This action, we believe will help to protect your investment for future generations. Each painting is signed on the back by the artist and comes with our full laminated certificate of authenticity.

Graham Lake – Bev Casey

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Annette Pitjara Davis (1967 -  )
Katjeta (father's tribe)
Arrente (mother's tribe)
Margaret Davis (1943 -  )
Arrente tribe